Green Words

Applied Power Metrics

  • Multipower is working with Applied Power Metrics, a Rhode Island technology startup recently established as a master distributor for an exciting new Energy Efficiency product being launched in late 2013. The SP1000 System is manufactured in Staten Island, NY by MHT Lighting, a leader in green energy solutions for building management applications. Multipower is charged with identifying key applications for APM to target and developing sales channels to address those markets.

Technical Development And Market Analysis Services

  • PVB Consulting in Florida has requested technical development and market analysis services from Multipower for a unique, auxiliary power supply solution for use on rail cars. PVB has decades of expertise in the Rail industry and is seeking Multipower's expertise to commercialize this recently patented design.

Cambridge Communications & Signal Systems (CCSS)

  • Cambridge Communications & Signal Systems (CCSS) is a high technology start up headquartered in Massachusetts. CCSS is developing a Positive Train Control system for the US market. Multipower has been asked to address a daunting need for power generation to continuously charge radio transmitters in "dark territory" locations where sun and wind power can't assure 100% up time.

Electric Hybrid Powertrain Conversions

  • Electromotive Designs, LLC is a engineering firm that develops leading edge systems for hybrid electric vehicles. MultiPower Corporation commercialized their hybrid electric vehicle conversion systems, emDRIVE® and emSTOR™ and established sales and support channels throughout North America.

Test stands for diesel injector development

  • Through Beacon Dynamics, a high technology company that offers shot to shot common rail injector and pump test stands, we addressed tier-1 and tier-2 automotive fuel system development and production needs.

Hoist and Crane Inspection Solutions

  • Acted as a sub-contractor to the PowerGen industry in the metro NYC area. We automated the data management of hoist and crane inspections required for OSHA compliance using a combination of a cloud based data management system from N4 Systems and RFiD tags.

Overhaul of large ShotBlast System

  • As a sub-contractor to ConEdison, we managed an on-site project to overhaul a Pangborn shotblast system used to refurbish large transformers.

Cloud based CRM solutions

  • Implemented for a high technology manufacturer with operations in the USA and Canada.